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Market Need

  • Fully integrated partner for core vehicle data, incentives, lenders, lender data/rules for enabling desking and digital retailing
  • Industry team to support technology development, implementation, testing and integrated delivery for pricing, payments and analytics
  • 1:1 VIN to data matching for incentives lenders and installed options resulting in pricing and payment accuracy, as well as VIN-specific vehicle descriptions
  • All tiers, terms, captlves, major independent lenders for calculating payments and fundable offers on all new, CPO and used vehicles
  • Eliminate competing “walled gardens” of data, integration and access for client products and development

Current Gap

  • Multiple vendors, non-matches and "fuzzy logic" for accurate integration
  • Dedicated resources for implementation and support are not common
  • Multiple data sets/vendors and matching tools which cause inaccuracies
  • Disparate shopping tools for all captives and major independent finance companies
  • Conflicting competitive products from data providers

LenderDesk Payment Services

  • Single source data partner for all pricing and payment services
  • Client and product teams specific to data uses and client success
  • Competitive advantage of OEM build data and proprietary Engineered VIN Data for 1:1 vehicle matching, eliminating over or under valued incentives leading to inaccurate pricing and payments
  • Support all in-store and online sales transaction tools
  • Enablement partner for all automotive technology providers

ChromeData Lender Desk Premium

Best Choice for Digital Retailing, Equity and Desking

Power your digital retail pricing and payment tools with ChromeData’s robust API of OEM captive and independent lender rates, residuals and rebates.  Lender Desk Premium allows you to deliver a customer-driven online shopping experience to accommodate all credit tiers, terms and shopper profiles for new, CPO and used inventory. Create finance and lease payments specific to a car shopper’s credit and equity position with the most current rates, residuals, incentives and rebates.

Power your dealer and third-party pricing and payment tools used for interactive online purchases and lease options, equity offers and payment calculators.

  • Lender details provide the fees, rules and guidelines to generate accurate payments and offers
  • Programs provided in deal scenarios allow for payments to be generated across multiple terms and tiers along with the maximum guaranteed cash available
  • Independent lender rates provide the flexibility needed to serve your dealer customers and provide competitive payments for all car shopper profiles
  • VIN-specific programs and ChromeData’s vast VIN library provides accurate 1:1 incentive to vehicle matching
  • Ability for adding all tax, title and license fees to the quoted price for transaction accurate payments and pricing
  • Custom designed for real-time calls or bulk quoting

Completeness & Transparency

OEM and captive finance sourced data including national, regional and VIN specific.

• All credit tiers by lenders
• Transaction compliance – fess associated with purchase and leasing
• OEM and dealer disclaimers supporting all offers
• Guaranteed conditional offers


Complete standard and special rates for captive and third parties powering accurate prices and payments.

• Compliance
• ChromeData product integrity
• 1 to 1 vehicle matching down to the zip code
• Incentive compatibility for all OEM deal scenario offers and financial transactions


Ensure timely availability or offers on change days with our automation of data.

• Complete in under a day
• Automation – Ongoing technology enhancements for automated entry
• Reduction of audit time for faster publication
• Aggregation from multiple sources to produce faster release times

Ease of Integration

ChromeData provides a comprehensive integrated vehicle data service including all required vehicle data for advertising, marketing and transacting.

• ChromeData VIN Descriptions
• ChromeData Certified Inventory
• Media library of images and videos
• Lender Desk rates and incentives

The online purchase journey in alignment with Lender Desk

Quoting Cloud™

LeaseGenius Offer Platform Lender Desk Payment Services Visualized

Unlike other quoting systems, the LeaseGenius Offer Platform sits on top of Lender Desk pulling all the data it needs directly from the bulk quote API into the Quoting Cloud for calculations. This allows the Offer Platform to output the Quote JSON along with the rebates/incentives, rates, stackability rules, and dislosure information. This setup also allows for infinite scalability, faster processing, improved accuracy and custom JSON returns for easy integration.

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